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Lipari Direct|mobile™ is an application that allows you, our customer, to keep in touch with Lipari Foods from your Apple iOS, Android Devices, and Windows Mobile Devices. This enables Quick Order Entry, Production Information, Open AR, and Status Notifications from Lipari Foods.
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Lipari Direct|menu™ is an application to review and manage item nutritional information. This application also helps you assist in Recipe Costing to determine the correct Margin needed for your managed/produced items. It also provides extensive product information and declared FDA allergens.
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Lipari Direct|net™ is our advanced customer relationship tool that allows you to connect using Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox Browsers. This system allows you to place orders and review account status and authorized items.

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Our dedication to your success begins from the very first day of our relationship and continues through each service we provide to you. One of these services is our easy product ordering.

Here’s where you can order delicious Lipari Food products online.

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pdf Download the Power Net 4.3 User Guide

Current Lipari customers, please contact your Lipari sales representative to inquire about getting your account set up to take advantage of easy online ordering.

New Lipari customers, contact us to get your account set up with Lipari Foods.

If you are using Lipari Direct Net™, please click the icon below to launch the application:


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